On Saturday, November 9th, join us at Berl’s Poetry Shop (126A Front St. Brooklyn) for the wake/funeral of the Southern Writers Reading Series. The series existed for 73 beautiful years in NYC making it the oldest and most distinguished reading series, evah. Our long and rambunctious past includes readings by Eudora Welty, Allen Tate, the prophet Ezekiel, and Ignatius J Reilly to name a few. Though the series kicked the bucket, it won’t like being dead much. Never has. And as the years have taught us, if the Southern Writers Reading Series is anything, it’s slippery. So fear not, the lifeless form we gather to grieve over might just be sleeping or playing possum. Nonetheless, come celebrate the brevity, levity, and transcendence of the series with readings by Dorothea Lasky, Abraham Smith, Catherine Lacey, Rickey Laurentiis, Ekoko Omadeke, and a few surprise guests. Also, we have the Courtesy Gang Trio to provide jazz and lead us in a procession to the East River, where we will see off the series in a blaze of glory.

More or less,

The Reverend


love dinner

















John: Hi, you are pretty little. What you do Wednesday, September 11?

Mary: Me? I go Southern Writers Reading Series and Happy Ending Lounge (302 Broome st.). Matthew Yeager! Chelsea Whitton! Margarita Delcheva! Karolina Waclawiak!

John: Are you telling me famous thing?

Mary: It is. Greatest ever in New York City.

John: Wow. I am unable to breathe. This is the best good. What else?

Mary: I see you are of great man. Turn your hand around like a pancake. Now follow me to squeeze justice.

John: Your hair blows away many insects. I will make apartment to Southern Writers Reading Series and Happy Ending Lounge.

Mary and Lois: Wherever you dream, there you are an antelope’s mother. But join me and you will have your own antelope, of course.

John: This is opportunity of lifetime. Is this where they get your foot wet?

Mary: All of it!

John: My, this is industrious!


More or less,

The Reverend


familyDear Reverend,
You’s all grown now. But I remember when you was just a baby Reverend sitting on your grandmama’s knee. Even then, we knew you wasn’t regular, always licking batteries and coming down with the mange. But the Lord got his way. Always does. Even in New York City. Your mama tells me bout this southern literature series you got up there where you preach. At a place called Happy Ending (302 Broome st). She says it’s real special: flashy lights, microphones, and cushions on the chairs. She says this month, Wednesday, August 14th, you have three secular writers of poetry and fiction. That sounds nice. I looked them up in the phone book because you know my thoughts about the internet. Anyway, there they were: Chelsea Reilly, N. Michelle AuBuchon, and Gerard Coletta! I tell you, I ain’t got but one tooth in this head but I’d give it up for a chance to see these fine talents take part in this southern literature reading series. I bet it’s a hoot. Anyway, I hope the secular world is treating you kind.
Love always,
your favorite grandmama

seagull crab1webdear revrind,
Robert agin. Somer is hot nad can you do a hed stand on carpit? I can do six. I wil be in secun grad and rite mor stores fir sothrn riter ceres. Wons ther wos a crib. He ran awy frm hom bicus a seegull eat his broter. The polis fownd him but it was to lat. He gottn marryd nad had babe cribs. The Ind. Am I stil ilegil to read evin thow I am nerly in secun grad? I am almost for feet tall. You have soch grat ceres! Ths month you hav Dolan Morgan Liam Powell Robin Grearson Christine Reilly!!! July 10 is the day. I bit it will be bettr thin for of july. I wos stung by jellyfish on bech. I peed on it nad felt much bettr. When I am for feet, I wil com to sothern riters reading ceres and yell like your cat.

pogoAt the Southern Writers Reading Series we have a reputation to uphold. After all, we are the only reading series illegal in 26 states. We are the only reading series to have been probed by aliens on a UFO. We are the only reading series with an insignia that has a possum playing a trumpet while riding an alligator. AND we are the only reading series to have Sue Brannan Walker, Vernon Fowlkes, Catherine Pond, and Matt Broaddus reading together under one roof at the same place all together in one spot there where no one can escape. It will be amazing and you’re invited. So join us 7:30pm on June 12th at Happy Ending Lounge. But don’t come if you are afraid of greatness. Or beauty. Or fire. Or Vernon Fowlkes. Or Sue Brannan Walker. Or Catherine Pond. But it’s ok to be afraid of Matt Broaddus. Because he knows. And it’s ok.

More or Less,

The Reverend
















How will you know you attended the Southern Writers Reading Series at Happy Ending Lounge (302 Broome st.) on Wednesday, May 8th and listened to the amazing poems of Melissa Broder, Rio Cortez, Amanda Smeltz, and Iris Cushing?

1. Wake up May 9th and climb onto the fire escape. Let the bluebird land on your finger. It will have Louie Armstrong’s voice and you will offer it some cheesecake. The man selling flowers on the street will call you “Maria” and use a sling shot to put a rose between your teeth. After you crawl inside, you will cook the rose for breakfast. If the moon left a goodbye note on your bed saying ‘have a nice day’, you will know you attended Southern Writers.

2. Tell the world you’re having a dinner party. Invite everybody. Don’t forget the reptiles. Spend your inheritance on the most extravagant tablecloth ever. Go outside and look at the stars like Noah. If somebody shoots you with a poison dart and writes “I Am Beautiful” in permanent marker on your forehead and leaves you sleeping under a fig tree, you will know you attended Southern Writers.

3. Open your favorite book and find a lock of hair. Bow to the east and west. Burn the book before the shrine erected to your one true love. Use the hair as a fake mustache. The gods will think it looks good on you. They will stop turning into mice and running behind the oven. You will die. You will be brought back. You will seem older, wiser. You will write a song. If you play the song and a warm wind blows across your face, you will know you attended Southern Writers.

More or Less,
Reverend Crocodile Monk-fish

bipedA wise man once said that a bird in hand is better than a vulture in the air. I agree. And, besides, at the Southern Writers Reading Series, we keep our vulture on a leash. But humans roam free. Monkeys too. And we plan to keep it that way. One might say we favor mammalian bipedalism more than any other reading series in all of New York—or, at least, in Chinatown. And this month at Southern Writers, we will be celebrating the 1,800,000th year of our bipedal dominance over creation with readings from four of the most talented bipeds we could bring into our bar, legally or otherwise. On April 10th, come down to Happy Ending Lounge (302 Broome St) around 7:30pm and witness Ted Meyer, Morgan Parker, Laura-Eve Engel, and Tara Skurtu as they perform the most dazzling literary wonders that you can afford without having to spend a night in jail.


More or Less,

The Reverend