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This past year, a lot happened at the Southern Writers Reading Series. Most of it was amazing, some of it was not. Though you may want to dwell on that one reading where you had to get your stomach pumped or the one where you woke the next day with a dead ostrich in your bed—this is not the time to think about that. This is the time to look to the future—the big bright glorious future with no vague memories of duct tape and an icy bathtub in Chinatown. So on Wednesday, January 11th, the Southern Writers Reading Series is getting the future kicked off with a fantastic reading by four of your favorite writers: Danniel Schoonebeek, Ben Pease, Bianca Stone, and Ata Moharreri. Join us around 7:30pm at Happy Ending Lounge and together lets build a bigger, brighter future full of beautiful poetry and fiction and none of that “someone stole my kidney at your reading series” business.*

More or less,
The Reverend

*Anyone accusing the Reverend or his apostles of engaging in the all-American free market exchange of human organs will immediately be excommunicated from the SWRS.


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