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The Southern Writers Reading Series is many things but it is not known as a peacekeeper. That is, until a few months ago when the two most dangerous puppet gangs of New York dropped their puppets with weapons in order to attend the reading series, putting an end to twenty years of ventriloquist bloodshed. “It’s just nice to be in a place where you can be yourself and you don’t have to hide behind your puppet or his gun,” one ventriloquist told us. “At first, I joined the puppet gang to gain street cred,” said another, “but then I found myself asking ‘when will the carnage end?’ And that’s when I turned to the Southern Writers Reading Series at Happy Ending Lounge.” The second Wednesday of every month, the series reveals four amazing writers whose breathtaking poetry and prose continues to provide a positive outlet for some of the most fierce gangs in New York. So on Wednesday, June 13th, whether you belong to a puppet gang, a badminton gang, an A cappella gang, a macaroni necklace gang, or just a finger pointing gang, come out to Happy Ending Lounge (302 Broome st) around 7:30pm and listen to the fantastic work of four amazing poets: Veronica Wong, Steven Karl, Xian Ochoa, and John Fenlon Hogan. I guarantee you won’t find better poetry available anywhere on this or any other planet.

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