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You think the Olympics are big? Check this out:
This weekend billions of poets and poetry lovers will descend onto Governor’s Island to duke out the second annual New York City Poetry Festival. With readings from every poetry organization and reading series worth its salt, the festival is the finest competition of athletes in the New York poetry scene. Come watch the Southern Writers Reading Series beat down all the other organizations and win the Gold medal at the White Horse stage on Saturday at 3:50pm. With the Reverend as your host and readings by Virginia McLure, Hafizah Geter, Sampson Starkweather, and Dorothea Lasky this is one event that no sports fan or American (or any fan of winning) can pass up. So grab your air horn, put on some sunblock, hop on the ferry to Governor’s Island and be sure to bring your singing voice because we will be rocking Jock Jams before and after we win this thing.


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An image from last year’s Beach Blast in the Happy Ending Lounge Basement

It’s summer in the city and once more the Southern Writers Reading Series is preparing for its annual Beach Blast. For ten years now, the series has held its wildly popular “beach” themed reading event where Happy Ending Lounge imports 10,000 pounds of sand, 7,000 gallons of salt water, 36 barnacle covered rocks, 75 pounds of sea-weed, 60 sand crabs, 5 broken bottles, 15 jellyfish, 2 sting rays, 11 used needles, 700 dead minnows, a shoe, 40 seagulls, a one-armed nudist named Dylan and 2 nurse sharks and creates a surprisingly real “sea-scape” in the bar basement. “This is my favorite reading event of the year,” says one returning woman. “It’s kind of like Jumanji but instead of an exotic rainforest think of a basement and instead of Robin Williams, think of sand.” “I love this event,” says one local man. “The readers are always amazing, the beach atmosphere is so real. My only concern is about what happened last year with the lifeguards.” Apparently, during the height of last year’s Beach Blast, there were numerous reports of lifeguards. But this year the staff is doing everything it can to protect the crowd against lifeguards and other groups that might disturb the peace, such as flag vendors. “We can’t afford another incident like what happened last year,” says Happy Ending Lounge event manager Bob Tinsel choking back a sob. “With that said, we expect this to be our most successful Beach Blast yet.” So whether you’re looking for a beach or hoping to hear some amazing prose or poetry, come out to Happy Ending Lounge (302 Broome St) on Wednesday, July 11th around 7:30 pm and listen to the amazing work of Catherine Lacey, Alex Crowley, Amy Meng, and Will Brewer. I guarantee you won’t find better poetry or fiction or nonfiction or beach themed parties available anywhere on this or any other planet.

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The Reverend

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