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John: Hi, what you do Wednesday, October 10?
Mary: Me? I go Southern Writers Reading Series and Happy Ending Lounge. Rachel Zucker! Sasha Fletcher! Mark Gurarie! Christine Larusso!
John: What are that?
Mary: It only greatest ever in New York City.
John: Wow. I can never believe I hear about it now. So amazing! What else?

Mary: Well, like mysteries. Believe in yourself and I explain. I go for aerobics, exploding pies or slippery floor, cats with socks over the head. Fun and entire family!

John: Now, your talking!

Mary and Lois: Feel free but join me Wednesday, October 10. Bring more raincoats because of short ribs, of course.

John: But I am a man of moderate wealth. How high money can I lie on the table?

Mary: All of it! And friends are good luck however you slice the pie.

John: Where is this dream of beauty?

Mary: May I suggest, it inside you. But do not be greedy. Whipped cream will hide mans tongue for not so long.

More or less,

The Reverend



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