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angry-monkey-albinoDear Reverend,

I am a young man from the south living in nyc and looking for a chill place to take a girl on a date. Do you have any recommendations?

Dear Confused,
Take your old lady to the Southern Writers Reading Series at Happy Ending Lounge. It is built like a bronco with plenty of get up, whether you are looking to buy an albino monkey, get a false passport, or just slip on a Saturday night kinda drunk. The anesthesiologists are basically professionals and the blue crab in your cocktail is always declawed. I highly acknowledge the thing on Wednesday, December 12th, around 7:30pm where you will experience the infamous poetry, fiction and mind reading. This month munch on the literary delights of Thomas Dooley, Christine Kanownik, Keara Driscoll and Stephanie Berger. You prolly seen these names written on the side of an overpass, but on Dec 12th they will be at Happy ending in the flesh. It will be like a chicken biscuit with grape jelly, a satiation that no person–living or dead, sane or otherwise–can afford to miss. I guarantee sincerely you won’t find a better thing to do with your old lady anywhere else on this or any other planet.

More ore Less,
The Reverend

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