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Life is magical. No one can deny this. Just look at a dog. How does he put on that Holiday sweater with little hands like that? Magic, I say. And at the Southern Writers Reading Series, magic is everywhere. So if you’re scared of it, stay home and cry yourself to sleep. But if you are brave and beautiful, lighthearted and rich, young and dangerous, bring your friends to the Southern Writers Reading Series on Wednesday, January 9th. But don’t say I didn’t warn you when the bartender takes mysterious liquid, hides it in a silver cup, shakes it, and hands you a potion that will later make you quit your job, open a puppet shop and possibly move back in with your parents. Or when a reader awakens a spell that causes everyone to laugh, cry, bleed, smite, frog, or gallop. These things will happen and happen they will. So whether you really want the magic or just need to hear some amazing prose and poetry, come out to Happy Ending Lounge (302 Broome St) on Wednesday, January 9th around 7:30pm and listen to the amazing work of Jay Deshpande, Jocelyn Casey-Whiteman, James Arthur, and Abba Belgrave. I guarantee you won’t find better poetry or fiction or magic smiting available anywhere on this or any other planet.


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