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dear revrind,

I am in firs grad. I want to becom sothrn and read at the ceres. I rite stores nad I wons had a cat. I rit abowt a lost sok. The sok came home on the hed of a snak. Snak lost his mommy and sok was gilty. Ther was cort and sok gos to jal. He dies of gilt. Than Sok flys to hebbin whr demins rip his string and thros him in caeg of fir nad he burns so hot til he is noting. He is noting but dispar ets him forivr. The Ind. I am gratist riter in hol firs grad. One day you wil inviet me to read wit oter famos riters. Intil than you have soch grat ceres! This month you hav Ben Purkert Kyle Erickson Jen Levitt nad Katie Byrum!!!! Sooooo grat! I wold com but it is ilegil. NOOOO boys! Onle adlts can lisen to thim and drink bear. Feburay 13 is the day. Ach Winsday. Day fter mardy graw. Day bifor vawlintimes. You must have thngs in yor sleefs. Crasy revrind! When I git oldr nad I am prsident I wil com to sothern riters reading ceres always!




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