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We, the Reverend’s disciples at the Southern Writers Reading Series,┬áhave no clue of the Reverend’s whereabouts. Some say he was last seen outside a Popeye’s in Chinatown prophesying the coming of a new and improved spicy chicken sandwich. Others claim he was seen in central park attaching his goat to a pulley system and hoisting it up into the branches so no wolves could eat it. Others believe he is running about the city in a bear costume pillaging non-suspecting┬ádeli’s of all their honey. As his disciples at the Southern Writers Reading Series, we gravitate toward the most likely situation: he was raptured along with his pet hamster fiddlesticks–who has also gone missing. Whatever the situation, one of the largest reading events of the century is THIS WEDNESDAY and we find it necessary to promote the event in his absence. On Wednesday, March 13th, come out to Happy Ending Lounge (302 Broome st) around 7:30pm and experience the wildest, most terrifying and most “fun-for-the-whole family” reading of your lifetime. With readings by Liz Dosta, Ocean Vuong, Robin Grearson, and Nalini Abhiraman, and lasers, thumb tacks and fireworks provided by Crazy Carls Fireworld and Tire Store, we can basically guarantee that this is the show to end or begin all shows, more or less. With or without the Reverend, the show must go on. Especially one of this importance and danger. So join us THIS WEDNESDAY March 13th at Happy Ending Lounge, we guarantee you won’t find better poetry, fiction, or disciples anywhere on this or any other planet.
More or Less,
The Disciples of Reverend Amo Diddle


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