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bipedA wise man once said that a bird in hand is better than a vulture in the air. I agree. And, besides, at the Southern Writers Reading Series, we keep our vulture on a leash. But humans roam free. Monkeys too. And we plan to keep it that way. One might say we favor mammalian bipedalism more than any other reading series in all of New York—or, at least, in Chinatown. And this month at Southern Writers, we will be celebrating the 1,800,000th year of our bipedal dominance over creation with readings from four of the most talented bipeds we could bring into our bar, legally or otherwise. On April 10th, come down to Happy Ending Lounge (302 Broome St) around 7:30pm and witness Ted Meyer, Morgan Parker, Laura-Eve Engel, and Tara Skurtu as they perform the most dazzling literary wonders that you can afford without having to spend a night in jail.


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