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familyDear Reverend,
You’s all grown now. But I remember when you was just a baby Reverend sitting on your grandmama’s knee. Even then, we knew you wasn’t regular, always licking batteries and coming down with the mange. But the Lord got his way. Always does. Even in New York City. Your mama tells me bout this southern literature series you got up there where you preach. At a place called Happy Ending (302 Broome st). She says it’s real special: flashy lights, microphones, and cushions on the chairs. She says this month, Wednesday, August 14th, you have three secular writers of poetry and fiction. That sounds nice. I looked them up in the phone book because you know my thoughts about the internet. Anyway, there they were: Chelsea Reilly, N. Michelle AuBuchon, and Gerard Coletta! I tell you, I ain’t got but one tooth in this head but I’d give it up for a chance to see these fine talents take part in this southern literature reading series. I bet it’s a hoot. Anyway, I hope the secular world is treating you kind.
Love always,
your favorite grandmama


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