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John: Hi, you are pretty little. What you do Wednesday, September 11?

Mary: Me? I go Southern Writers Reading Series and Happy Ending Lounge (302 Broome st.). Matthew Yeager! Chelsea Whitton! Margarita Delcheva! Karolina Waclawiak!

John: Are you telling me famous thing?

Mary: It is. Greatest ever in New York City.

John: Wow. I am unable to breathe. This is the best good. What else?

Mary: I see you are of great man. Turn your hand around like a pancake. Now follow me to squeeze justice.

John: Your hair blows away many insects. I will make apartment to Southern Writers Reading Series and Happy Ending Lounge.

Mary and Lois: Wherever you dream, there you are an antelope’s mother. But join me and you will have your own antelope, of course.

John: This is opportunity of lifetime. Is this where they get your foot wet?

Mary: All of it!

John: My, this is industrious!


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The Reverend



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