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On Saturday, November 9th, join us at Berl’s Poetry Shop (126A Front St. Brooklyn) for the wake/funeral of the Southern Writers Reading Series. The series existed for 73 beautiful years in NYC making it the oldest and most distinguished reading series, evah. Our long and rambunctious past includes readings by Eudora Welty, Allen Tate, the prophet Ezekiel, and Ignatius J Reilly to name a few. Though the series kicked the bucket, it won’t like being dead much. Never has. And as the years have taught us, if the Southern Writers Reading Series is anything, it’s slippery. So fear not, the lifeless form we gather to grieve over might just be sleeping or playing possum. Nonetheless, come celebrate the brevity, levity, and transcendence of the series with readings by Dorothea Lasky, Abraham Smith, Catherine Lacey, Rickey Laurentiis, Ekoko Omadeke, and a few surprise guests. Also, we have the Courtesy Gang Trio to provide jazz and lead us in a procession to the East River, where we will see off the series in a blaze of glory.

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