We, the Reverend’s disciples at the Southern Writers Reading Series, have no clue of the Reverend’s whereabouts. Some say he was last seen outside a Popeye’s in Chinatown prophesying the coming of a new and improved spicy chicken sandwich. Others claim he was seen in central park attaching his goat to a pulley system and hoisting it up into the branches so no wolves could eat it. Others believe he is running about the city in a bear costume pillaging non-suspecting deli’s of all their honey. As his disciples at the Southern Writers Reading Series, we gravitate toward the most likely situation: he was raptured along with his pet hamster fiddlesticks–who has also gone missing. Whatever the situation, one of the largest reading events of the century is THIS WEDNESDAY and we find it necessary to promote the event in his absence. On Wednesday, March 13th, come out to Happy Ending Lounge (302 Broome st) around 7:30pm and experience the wildest, most terrifying and most “fun-for-the-whole family” reading of your lifetime. With readings by Liz Dosta, Ocean Vuong, Robin Grearson, and Nalini Abhiraman, and lasers, thumb tacks and fireworks provided by Crazy Carls Fireworld and Tire Store, we can basically guarantee that this is the show to end or begin all shows, more or less. With or without the Reverend, the show must go on. Especially one of this importance and danger. So join us THIS WEDNESDAY March 13th at Happy Ending Lounge, we guarantee you won’t find better poetry, fiction, or disciples anywhere on this or any other planet.
More or Less,
The Disciples of Reverend Amo Diddle



dear revrind,

I am in firs grad. I want to becom sothrn and read at the ceres. I rite stores nad I wons had a cat. I rit abowt a lost sok. The sok came home on the hed of a snak. Snak lost his mommy and sok was gilty. Ther was cort and sok gos to jal. He dies of gilt. Than Sok flys to hebbin whr demins rip his string and thros him in caeg of fir nad he burns so hot til he is noting. He is noting but dispar ets him forivr. The Ind. I am gratist riter in hol firs grad. One day you wil inviet me to read wit oter famos riters. Intil than you have soch grat ceres! This month you hav Ben Purkert Kyle Erickson Jen Levitt nad Katie Byrum!!!! Sooooo grat! I wold com but it is ilegil. NOOOO boys! Onle adlts can lisen to thim and drink bear. Feburay 13 is the day. Ach Winsday. Day fter mardy graw. Day bifor vawlintimes. You must have thngs in yor sleefs. Crasy revrind! When I git oldr nad I am prsident I wil com to sothern riters reading ceres always!




Life is magical. No one can deny this. Just look at a dog. How does he put on that Holiday sweater with little hands like that? Magic, I say. And at the Southern Writers Reading Series, magic is everywhere. So if you’re scared of it, stay home and cry yourself to sleep. But if you are brave and beautiful, lighthearted and rich, young and dangerous, bring your friends to the Southern Writers Reading Series on Wednesday, January 9th. But don’t say I didn’t warn you when the bartender takes mysterious liquid, hides it in a silver cup, shakes it, and hands you a potion that will later make you quit your job, open a puppet shop and possibly move back in with your parents. Or when a reader awakens a spell that causes everyone to laugh, cry, bleed, smite, frog, or gallop. These things will happen and happen they will. So whether you really want the magic or just need to hear some amazing prose and poetry, come out to Happy Ending Lounge (302 Broome St) on Wednesday, January 9th around 7:30pm and listen to the amazing work of Jay Deshpande, Jocelyn Casey-Whiteman, James Arthur, and Abba Belgrave. I guarantee you won’t find better poetry or fiction or magic smiting available anywhere on this or any other planet.


More or Less,

The Reverend


angry-monkey-albinoDear Reverend,

I am a young man from the south living in nyc and looking for a chill place to take a girl on a date. Do you have any recommendations?

Dear Confused,
Take your old lady to the Southern Writers Reading Series at Happy Ending Lounge. It is built like a bronco with plenty of get up, whether you are looking to buy an albino monkey, get a false passport, or just slip on a Saturday night kinda drunk. The anesthesiologists are basically professionals and the blue crab in your cocktail is always declawed. I highly acknowledge the thing on Wednesday, December 12th, around 7:30pm where you will experience the infamous poetry, fiction and mind reading. This month munch on the literary delights of Thomas Dooley, Christine Kanownik, Keara Driscoll and Stephanie Berger. You prolly seen these names written on the side of an overpass, but on Dec 12th they will be at Happy ending in the flesh. It will be like a chicken biscuit with grape jelly, a satiation that no person–living or dead, sane or otherwise–can afford to miss. I guarantee sincerely you won’t find a better thing to do with your old lady anywhere else on this or any other planet.

More ore Less,
The Reverend

Why are you sad? Is it because the Southern Writers Reading Series takes place only once a month? Now your troubles are over! Introducing SOWRI—it’s like a Swiss Army knife but for all of your Southern Writers needs. It comes with knifes, duct tape, a toothpick, a miniature banjo, whiskey, a glass eye, the book of Exodus, an mp3 player with recordings by all of your favorite Southern Writers, and much much more. And better yet, it all fits in your pocket. And even better than that it can be yours for FREE simply by coming out on November 14th to the next Southern Writers Reading Series at Happy Ending Lounge (302 Broome St). You’ll experience the phenomenon live with readings by four world-class writers: Paul Legault! Ed Winstead! Sampson Starkweather! and April Heck! And then you can take SOWRI with you wherever you go: the subway, on a rock by the river, Texas, your bed, the laundromat, east Texas, Planet Smoothie, and just about everywhere else. But wait! That’s not all! If you come to the reading on the 14th and get there at 7:30pm you can win a cool and sleek alligator skin carrying case! That way you can look like a legitimate southerner while listening to all of your favorite readings! So be sure not to miss the next Southern Writers Reading Series. I guarantee you won’t find better poetry or prose or multi-purpose pocket-sized gadgets available anywhere on this or any other planet.

More or less,
The Reverend

FO REAL THO: a portion of the proceeds will go to the Red Hook Initiative and its efforts to help those affected by Hurricane Sandy.

John: Hi, what you do Wednesday, October 10?
Mary: Me? I go Southern Writers Reading Series and Happy Ending Lounge. Rachel Zucker! Sasha Fletcher! Mark Gurarie! Christine Larusso!
John: What are that?
Mary: It only greatest ever in New York City.
John: Wow. I can never believe I hear about it now. So amazing! What else?

Mary: Well, like mysteries. Believe in yourself and I explain. I go for aerobics, exploding pies or slippery floor, cats with socks over the head. Fun and entire family!

John: Now, your talking!

Mary and Lois: Feel free but join me Wednesday, October 10. Bring more raincoats because of short ribs, of course.

John: But I am a man of moderate wealth. How high money can I lie on the table?

Mary: All of it! And friends are good luck however you slice the pie.

John: Where is this dream of beauty?

Mary: May I suggest, it inside you. But do not be greedy. Whipped cream will hide mans tongue for not so long.

More or less,

The Reverend


The Southern Writers Reading Series announced Monday that it is hosting a ceremony and reading where it will unveil the “Next Big Thing” in poetry. Despite the shroud of mystery surrounding the unveiling of the “Thing”, millions are planning to flock to Happy Ending Lounge on Wednesday, September 12th to participate in the unveiling ceremony. Though no one knows exactly what this “Thing” is many have come up with ideas: “I’m hoping that it will be a kindle that attaches to your face,” said one man, “That wa y, you can read poems without any distractions and have your hands free to do other things like drive and shave or operate heavy machinery.” “I bet it’s one of those electric flowers with sunglasses,” said another, “and you read poetry to it and it dances the most seductive flower dance that you can imagine.” But some are hoping that the “Thing” will make changes to the poet as well. “Like many other writers, I suffer from PV or Poety Voice,” said one woman who wished to remain anonymous. “When I read poems aloud, people say they feel like they are listening to that Save the Animals commercial with Sarah McLachlan. I’m hoping this ‘Thing’ is a device that will make my reading voice sound more like a bad-ass. You know, like Dirty Hairy or Mufasa.”

So whether you’re curious to know about the Next Big Thing or you’re just hoping to hear some amazing prose and poetry, come out to Happy Ending Lounge (302 Broome st.) around 7:30pm on the 12th and listen to the amazing work of Camille Rankine, Kamilah Aisha Moon, Eric Nelson, and Lauren Hunter. I guarantee you won’t find better prose or poetry available anywhere on this or any other planet.

More or less,

The Reverend

**ON A MORE SERIOUS NOTE: Once more it is hurricane season and the Gulf Coast is experiencing the ugly side of Mother Nature. But at the Southern Writers Reading Series we hope to show our solidarity with those affected by Hurricane Isaac by having an amazing reading and donating a portion of the proceeds to the American Red Cross. So come out, show your support to these writers and do good while you’re at it!

*The lovely Kamilah Aisha Moon will be stepping in for Robin Coste Lewis.