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Skeptics say it is impossible to prove the existence of God in a purely material universe. But the Man Upstairs proved them wrong last month when he showed up at the Southern Writers Reading Series. “I was feeling nostalgia for the pre-modern days,” said God sipping his martini. “So I decided to make an appearance at my all-time favorite reading series.” Many had their doubts about God’s authenticity till he struck a man dead in the bathroom for not being circumcised. “That hurt me more than it hurt him,” said the Almighty cutting the silence with one of his deep warm laughs. The Lord of Hosts, who bears an uncanny resemblance to Jim Henson, enjoyed the reading so much that he promised each writer ‘a little something extra’ when it was time for them to receive their eternal reward. “I’m always looking for inspiration,” said the Author of Life, “and nothing is more inspiring than some damn good poetry and fiction.” After the event, God promised to return next month to hear the earth-shattering Allyson Paty, Natalie Eilbert, Courtney King Kampa, and Maxim Loskutoff. “No one should miss this event,” said God. “Not your wife or husband or your children or your pets.” And with that he brushed some lamb’s blood over the door, winked at the crowd, and left. So whether you’re a believer, a skeptic or just love some damn good poetry and fiction, come out to the Southern Writers Reading Series at Happy Ending Lounge (302 Broome St) on Wednesday, May 9th around 7:30pm and listen to these four fantastic writers. I guarantee you won’t find better poetry or fiction or greater proof of God’s benevolence anywhere on this or any other planet.

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The Reverend


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