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The Olympics are here and once more the Southern Writers Reading Series has been disqualified for being too much of a bad-ass country. Or as the Olympics committee claimed: the series never “qualified” as a country in the first place. “We have strict rules of what qualifies as a country,” said Thomas Bach, head of the Olympics Juridicial Committee, “and the Southern Writers Reading Series doesn’t even have a capitol city.” All members of the International Olympic Committee agree that the reading series oper

ates on a level of winning that the gold medal cannot symbolically represent and some critics say this is the real reason why the series has once more been denied a chance to participate in the Olympic games. “Well, why not create a new medal?” asked one fan of the series. “Yeah,” said another. “They should add the platinum medal for those that win beyond first place—like the people I’ve seen read at the Southern Writers Reading Series.”

In spite of this controversy and the lack of opportunities to win platinum medals at the Olympics, the Southern Writers Reading Series will continue winning in its own way and this month is no exception with four otherworldly-world-class writers. So whether you want to see what winning really looks like or you’re just hoping to hear some amazing prose and poetry, come out to Happy Ending Lounge (302 Broome St) on Wednesday, August 8th around 7:30 pm and listen to the amazing work of Adam Soldofsky, Jeff Simpson, Amy Lawless, and Darin Strauss. I guarantee you won’t find better poetry or fiction or winning available anywhere on this or any other planet.

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